Monday, November 7, 2016

Sheet Music Wreath

Using my grandparents' old music, I made my kids' teachers some pretty wreaths for Christmas!

1-Cut full-length page in half
2-dip in water so paper won't fold
3-go back and forth making an accordion fan and bend in half around wire wreath frame (I cut mine into two wreaths with two rows each)
4-staple tiny fan in place around the wire - I used 4 pieces for the outside wire and 3 pieces for the inside wire 
5-Fold the inside row inwards so you cannot see the staples
6-let dry
7-Go through each fan and fluff out the folds by creasing backwards--This step is messy - don't worry too much. It helps if you paper is still a little damp so the pages don't rip
8-spray with starch

5-Fold inner fan edge inward so you can't see the staples
7-Fluff your fans
4-See staples to hold fans in place around wire
Et Voila!
Oh and the kids made trees!