Saturday, November 14, 2015

Christmas has begun

This year, my big project was custom photo pillows for C&M. The best way seemed to be to laser print the photos on a transparency and use ZEP cleaner on the fabric while I scrubbed hard with a spoon. My arm is still killing me but I think they liked them! 

I also sewed a bunch of outfits for an old set of puppet heads I got from a friend years ago. She doesn't have kids so she passed them onto me. She grew up in a military family and her siblings were without Christmas gifts one year, so her mom got these puppet heads and made outfits for them! She said it was a great christmas and that they spent lots of time make new clothes and putting on shows for her parents. I'm expecting the same from my kids!

My serving platter for Ali turned out really great. I also did the giant Kerplunk game for her family. We gave away soaps in shells that said "Harry Kitmas" and I think that we will do that again. Its nice to have a non-edible item to give away that people can use.

Jeanne got new Prayer flags with her kids and grandkids names on them. Ryan, Kit and Harry helped with those.

Our advent calendar was a couple puzzle pieces each day to make a poem that showed where a telescope was hiding. It used to be granddads when he was a kid and we have been waiting to give it to them!