Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lucky staff appreciation

This year for Staff Appreciation, I came up with a LUCKY theme. My budget was $500 which included a brunch, so really, 81 staff members got something Lucky in their mailboxes every day of the week for about $250.

Monday: Lucky Stars-Origami Purchased on Etsy. When you unwrap the stars, there is an inspirational, educationally-themed quote inside.  
Tuesday: Lucky Charms cereal bought on Amazon. Only 70 in the package but not every adult loves Lucky Charms so there were a couple leftover anyway.
Wednesday: Lucky Pennies bought on Etsy. I considered buying a stamping kit and doing it myself, but the kit cost as much as buying them from the seller, whose shop helps fund her college education!
Thursday: BRUNCH! Instead of crazy decor, I bought some beautiful paper cranes on Etsy also. Lots to choose from.
Friday: LUCKY BAMBOO from amazon (100 4" stalks for about $30) and plastic tubes that fit the bamboo perfectly (100/$18). The first set of tubes I got were too small but these worked fine after some careful slitting on the tops so the roots could be pushed through. I also used some washi tape around each tube (NOT the green glass shown in photo) and wrote "Lucky to have you!" on each. Then I used some drawer organizers from the Dollar Tree as tube stands and the leftover cranes were decor again. I also had some water beads that I used instead of water just to make sure there was no mess. I used one bead in the bottom of each tube.

Each day I printed out a corresponding quote or poem. Good Luck -- not too much work for a week of fun!

Extra bamboo went to my kids' music teachers in IKEA bud vases.